Renew the digital vaccination certificate in the application itself

Renew the digital vaccination certificate in the application itself

Currently, you do not have to show your vaccination certificate. Due to the winter season, a digital vaccination certificate will likely be required more frequently. However, many are currently receiving a message from the CovPass and Corona warning app – “Certificate of vaccination will expire soon”. In people vaccinated early, it may already be gone. What’s behind it and what you can do.

Many people may be surprised by a current notification in the CovPass or Corona Alert app: The vaccination certificate is about to expire. This is despite the fact that it is still legally valid, meaning that the vaccination protection has not yet expired. Some time ago, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) gave all the clarity and said on its website: “The technical validity of COVID digital certificates automatically expires after 365 days.” An update has been announced that is now available and with it the vaccination certificate can be extended without going to the doctor or pharmacy.

Expiry of the vaccination certificate – technical validity

Vaccination certificates may expire, regardless of official vaccination status. This means that the immunization is still in effect. When a certificate expires, affected people will receive a notification in their app 28 days before the certificate expires. The expiration date depends on the release date. In applications, certification was limited to 365 days when digital proof was submitted. For some vaccinated patients, this time period will soon expire. If the code is now scanned from the app, the vaccination certificate will be shown as invalid.

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What should app users do now?

However, this can be easily remedied on your own in the CovPass or Corona warning app. You have 90 days to do so after receiving notification that your certification is about to expire. The new version is released in the CovPass app via Certificates Overview. To do this, just follow the instructions.1 The vaccination certificate can also be extended with a few clicks in the Corona-Warn-App.2

Aside from technical validity, vaccinated people should also know that there is an EU standard for vaccination status and that the new rules will also apply in Germany from October.

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EU standard for digital vaccination certificates

Since February 1, the vaccination certificate has been validated for all people who have not yet received a booster vaccination for nine months. More precisely, after the completion of the basic immunization, the standard EU recognition period of at least 270 days applies to the certificate. After that, not only the certificate of vaccination expires, but also the full vaccination protection. In some travel countries, this can lead to problems, especially if you have to prove that you have a valid vaccination.

This will change from October in case of corona vaccination

An important change to the Infection Protection Act will take effect on October 1, 2022. From then on, a person is considered fully vaccinated if:

  • Three vaccinations (including the booster vaccines) or . were given
  • Two vaccines if a corona infection is detected by an antibody test or a PCR test before the first or second injection, or
  • Two vaccinations, provided that after vaccination an infection was detected by PCR test and at least 28 days have passed since the test


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