6 tricks for more variety in swimming training

6 tips for more variety in swim training

A common perception and excuse for skipping courses or giving up early is that it’s “boring.” But it doesn’t have to be! FITBOOK knows the tricks and tools that make swimming training fast.

Admittedly, swimming sessions are usually not very entertaining. Unlike running in the woods or in the city, for example, the limited area of ​​a pool offers a bit of variety when it comes to swimming training. But you can still make the experience more exciting. Our advice.

listen to the music

Music can also accompany us in the water, which is indispensable when running or training with fitness equipment. More and more manufacturers sell waterproof MP3 players and corresponding headphones. So just create a playlist, and play the music – monotony doesn’t stand a chance.

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Swim with a training partner

Swimming races can be very motivating. From time to time it pays to swim with another person or against each other. And since it depends on how good you are on the day and it can always happen that the other person will have more desire and strength than you do today, a training partner will often give the final push to add more lanes. In addition, you are obligated to come to the meeting through a training partner and simply cannot avoid loneliness.

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Swimming techniques vary

Aside from the fact that chest swimming does not get more exciting after 20 lengths, you are always training the same muscles in the same style. In the long run, it threatens not only the famous swimmer’s cross (which women fear). It is very important to do crawling or backing between them. The beauty of swimming is that you can glide through the water in many different ways! This ensures versatility during swimming training.

arm stroke count

This tip eliminates boredom and stimulates at the same time. On the other hand, swimming training is all about improving your technique. In addition, you can also try to improve the speed. You can move from one end of the pool to the other faster with larger arm movements and therefore more efficient. If you focus on it, you will not only notice how fast you are, but also, if everything goes well, you will also be more motivated to train. So why not count the arm strokes and be happy when you need progressively less lane?

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Bring extra equipment

What was so necessary in childhood, when you had to learn to swim for the first time, can also help adults achieve greater success in training: additional equipment. Dirk Lange, one of the world’s most successful swimming coaches, thinks a lot about this. In an interview with his colleagues from STYLEBOOK, he advised amateurs to take oars in their hands, a swimming board or fins. Head snorkeling is also very useful, as it allows you to train the sequence of movement during freestyle swimming without having to focus on the correct breathing technique. With a swim board, I recommend the so-called ‘drag kick’ because it can be used in several ways: with the arms extended to work only with the legs, And between the legs to move the arms only.” Possible tools Training is guaranteed no longer monotonous.

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Let your thoughts go free

There are those thoughts that come to your mind at the most inopportune moment and prevent you from working or sleeping. Our tip: Take a deep breath and change your thoughts to a swim session in the evening or the next morning. Even and monotonous swims are ideal for reflecting on fears and doubts. The more complex the circumstances, the longer it will take to resolve them – and the faster the training session will end.

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