New symptoms of monkeypox can cause confusion

New symptoms of monkeypox can cause confusion

An international team of researchers has identified new, previously unknown symptoms of monkeypox. These are similar to sexually transmitted diseases and can easily lead to misdiagnosis.

A recent study led by scientists from Queen Mary University of London identified new clinical symptoms of monkeypox. It is based on investigations of 528 confirmed infections between 27 April and 24 June 2022 at 43 locations. What remains true: The current spread of the virus disproportionately affects gay and bisexual men, with 98 percent of those infected coming from this group.

These new symptoms were not previously known in monkeypox

Many of the infected patients examined showed symptoms not belonging to the current medical definition of monkeypox. The researchers note two in particular:

  • Small painful sores in the mouth
  • As well as small painful sores in the anus

The magazine said that both new symptoms were so painful in some that they had to be taken to hospital for treatment New England Journal of Medicine Published study.1 Sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis or herpes were often initially suspected, while the actual infection of monkeypox was overlooked for a very long time.

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Not everyone has the typical monkeypox symptoms

The researchers also discovered that the blisters and skin lesions commonly associated with monkeypox did not appear in many sufferers. “We found that one in ten people had a single genital skin lesion, but 15 percent had anal and/or rectal pain. These different presentations show that monkeypox infection can easily be overlooked,” explains study leader Dr. . John Thornhill in a college advertisement. 2 New monkeypox symptoms mysteriously seem to replace old symptoms.

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It is not an STD in the traditional sense

The researcher also stresses that monkeypox is not a sexually transmitted infection in the traditional sense. The disease can be transmitted through any type of close physical contact. He adds: “We also found monkeypox virus in a large part of the semen samples of infected people. However, this may be coincidental as we do not know if it is present in high enough concentrations to facilitate sexual transmission. More work is needed to better understand this. Expanding the definition of the condition is therefore intended to help doctors recognize the infection more easily, and prevent people from passing it on undetected.


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