How Brett Gilman became a karate master in Stranger Things

How Brett Gilman became a karate master in Stranger Things

Usually, action stars show off their fighting skills from afar. Real muscle packs! Not so with “Stranger Things” actor Brett Gilman. But soon the man in his mid-40s turned into a master of karate for the hit series.

Brett Gilman is nothing but an athlete. He astounds viewers even more with his role as private investigator Murray Bowman in the fourth season of the Netflix series Stranger Things. In it he fights convincingly like a karate master. He owes it to his two coaches, Mr. Philip Rey and Master Simon Rey. We explain the training Brett Gilman learned karate in no time.

Four days a week for three months

“Nothing comes out of nowhere” is a famous saying. Looks like Brett Gilman took this very seriously to train him in karate. He trained four days a week for three months in preparation for his character Murray Bowman’s karate scenes for the fourth season of Stranger Things. The goal was to have the widest possible repertoire of fighting techniques in order to credibly embody the role. He even achieved a purple belt with his karate skills. This corresponds to an above average level.

Shows for men’s magazine “Men’s Health” exactly what it has learned. You can see how this looks in the video below. Guided by his coach Mr. Philippe Rey:

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1. Punches

First, Brett Gilman performs a series of punches. He stands in a fighting position with his left leg in front and his right leg behind. The left fist is placed protectively in front of the face, while the right fist is directed straight forward for the punch. The explosive movement is accompanied by a battle cry. Then the movement is performed in the opposite direction with the left fist. It’s called “reverse punch”.

The same fighting style is also performed as “under the punch”. Rotate your fist so that your knuckles are pointing down. Another alternative is the “vertical punch”. The fist is turned to the side so that the thumb is on top. According to Mr. Philip Rey, all three techniques are used in close combat at short distances.

As a modification of punches, the elbow is also used. The sequence of moves is similar to the “reverse hit” sequence, where you hit the opponent with your elbow.

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2. Kicks

While using punches at a short distance from the opponent, you widen the fighting radius using the leg punch. The “forward kick” is perhaps the most well-known leg kick. Here you stand again in the starting position with your fists in front of your face. The back leg is pushed forward with an explosive movement to hit the opponent with the front foot.

With the so-called “round kick” this movement is alternately extended. You can also hit your opponent from the side, Brett Gilman explains.

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3. Street fighting and brawl

Street fighting is all about applying the acquired fighting techniques quickly, varied and, above all, intuitively. Without thinking, you have to quickly respond to the opponent’s attacks with defensive strikes and attack him yourself. This was impressively demonstrated by Brett Gilman and his coach Philip Rey while sparring.

The visibly exhausted actor seemed to love martial arts. So he wants to continue practicing his self-defense techniques independently of Stranger Things. It shows that you can fight like a superhero even without a well-trained character from head to toe.

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