6 good reasons not to weigh yourself anymore

6 good reasons not to weigh yourself anymore

Most people are dumbfounded by their weight changes on the scale. Read here why this is not a good idea!

Aside from people who need to keep track of their weight for medical reasons, there are 6 good reasons why you shouldn’t weigh yourself every day.

1. Libra is not honest

If you step on the scale every day, you will likely notice changes, albeit small, each time. But be warned: these don’t always say anything about the actual weight. A meaningful assumed value also includes how much you drank the previous day and whether you ate a high-fiber meal. Dietary fiber binds the fluid and thus ensures a greater volume (and weight!) of chyme. Women should also account for the hormone-related water retention on certain days of the cycle, which also weighs a few grams. If your scales are then placed on an uneven and not very hard surface, the result will be further distorted. So why let yourself be unnecessarily upset?

2. Weight does not matter!

seriously. Even if your actual weight increased by two kilograms compared to the previous month, would you put it on your shirt? until. Your peer has absolutely no interest in what you weigh. And you are only to a limited extent. Especially if you have no reason to be unhappy with your body, you can choose not to gain too much weight.

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3. Weight puts pressure on you

“There are many people who get very unsettled quickly because of their weight, and who get frustrated when the pointer points a little in the wrong direction,” says Professor Nikolai Worm, an ecologist who graduated from Munich. Cut out their eating plans. The dietitian confirms: “The scales do not provide any information on the status of lipids given daily fluctuations!”

4. It destroys how you feel about your body

Has it ever occurred to you that you gained self-confidence and really liked your thinking? If you’ve stepped on the scale only to discover you’ve already gained weight, your uncertainty is probably twice as likely. The solution: it is better to put the scales in the basement and trust your feelings!

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5. Makes you doubt your training – unnecessary!

When you exercise, it may become heavier. Explanation: You have built muscles and have a certain weight. So you may be doing some things right in the gym – building muscle makes a lot of sense because it will make you look more toned and toned and also increase your daily calorie needs. This means that you can eat more food without gaining fat. Another reason not to weigh yourself too much. The best: Trust your eyes and your feelings – instead of boring numbers.

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6. Weight can become a compulsion

Looking at scales frequently is unhealthy, especially for people who are at risk for, or even already have, an eating disorder. Instead of giving up trying to lose weight because of a few extra pounds, fear the opposite effect. Both weight and lack of eating can become compulsive and pathological.

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