A Top Athlete Says Ab Training Isn’t Necessary For Six Packs

A Top Athlete Says Ab Training Isn't Necessary For Six Packs

In fact, it seems reasonable: if you want to get abs, you should train your abdominal muscles especially intensely. But this is a common misconception. World Champion Hyrox Hunter McIntyre is barely doing anything to his stomach and still has a six pack. Explains why you can do without abdominal training.

Have you ever been shocked that the most muscular and fit people in the gym have never seen them doing abdominal exercises? However, most of them have six pack belly. This is perhaps one of the best indications that abdominal training alone is not particularly effective. World Champion Hyrox Hunter McIntyre says so, too. Because the American, according to his own statement, does not do any explicit abdominal training and still has the body of Adonis. According to him, it depends on completely different factors.

What is actually a Hyrox?

American Hunter McIntyre is the world champion in Hyrox. But what is Hyrox actually? Hyrox is a relatively young sport that was only launched in Germany in 2017. Similar to Crossfit, endurance training is done. However, Hyrox usually takes place as an event in large halls. Because the concept is as follows: All participants must run 1,000 meters eight times. After each running unit there is a “Roxzone” where the endurance exercise must be completed. here they are:

  • 1000 meter ski ergometer
  • 50 meter sled push
  • Pulling the weight of a sled 50 meters
  • 80m burpee jumps
  • 1000m rowing machine
  • 200 meters farm walk
  • 100m dash with sandbag
  • 75 or 100 medicine ball throws (wall balls)

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The event is won by whoever completes all consecutive runs and exercises in some type of circuit training in the shortest time. Hunter McIntyre did this in 2021 in 57:34 minutes – that’s a world record! He won the title again that year, but this time in a time of 58:05 minutes.

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Hunter McIntyre doesn’t believe in abdominal training

Hunter McIntyre is rightly seen as a world class athlete whose training tips are worth taking seriously. Speaking to news portal Insider, he said that you don’t necessarily have to spend hours doing abdominal exercises like crunches, sit-ups, or planks to get a six-pack. Although he has a well-trained stomach, he says he doesn’t do anything specifically for it. Instead, he focuses more on his back and buttocks for more stability during competitions.

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Get six packs of strength training, a healthy diet, and plenty of exercise

According to McIntyre, combining hard strength training with a healthy diet and regular exercise is more likely to get you a six-pack. First and foremost, it is important to have a low body fat percentage. This is the only way the abdominal muscles will ever appear. To achieve this, you have to eat healthy food and be mindful of calories. Thus, McIntyre repeats the insider’s true principle: “If you want to see your abs, you have to do it in the kitchen.” Body fat can only be burned with a slight caloric deficit, that is, eating fewer calories than the actual consumption.

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He also always calls for everything to be given during training. “I don’t want to scare you, but I train with a goal in mind, lift weights that challenge you and run faster than you want to on the treadmill,” said the Hyrox World Champion. Then the six packs come accidentally as a result of hard work.

It’s better to walk a lot than just do abdominal exercises

But work is not done by lifting heavy weights in the gym and then resting all day. Only when you move a lot in daily life and keep active throughout the day do you really increase your fat burning. That’s why McIntyre recommends walking a lot rather than sitting in a car or other means of transportation to get from one place to another.

If you don’t have a gym nearby or don’t want to go there, you can keep fit in other ways. So you can pack some weight in a backpack and hike up and down a hill perfectly. Even gardening or push-ups and squatting in front of the TV will keep you fit. “As long as you’re moving, you’re on the right track,” says Hunter McIntyre.

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From his own experience he knows how important it is to keep a goal in mind and follow it. He himself was a problem teenager and had to learn this the hard way. According to the world-class athlete, anyone who steadfastly pursues a specific performance goal in sports will get a nice looking body as a side effect. You can also save yourself from unpopular abdominal training, McIntyre explains.


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