7 individual sports with the highest calorie consumption

7 individual sports with the highest calorie consumption

Let it burn!

Have you always wanted to know what form of exercise allows you to burn maximum energy? FITBOOK put 7 popular individual sports into our calorie calculator!

What sports have the highest calorie consumption? Of course, the correct answer to this question is: After all, it always depends on how hard you exercise. Other factors also affect the number of calories you burn. To calculate the values, we entered a height of 1.80 m, weight of 80 kg and age of 30 years in the calorie calculator for men, and 165 cm, 60 kg and also 30 years of age for women. As usual with calorie information, results are up to one hour of exercise.

To determine the calorie consumption of individual sports, FITBOOK relies on the dataset of the popular Physical Activity Compendium recommended by sports scientists for the calorie calculator.

7 sports with the highest calorie consumption

Running (12.5 km/h)

escape from
You can also run with two peoplePhoto: Getty Images

When it comes to endurance, fitness training, and fat burning, good old running runs remain undefeated. It is also one of the most complex sports of all time. Basically enough: put the shoes on and off! Of course, beginners in jogging should not run blindly, otherwise you will be out of breath after a very short time.

So start slowly and increase the speed with caution and patience. Then at some point the famous runner and first marathon will succeed.

Important: If you have hardly played any sports before, we advise you to see your family doctor and/or orthopedic surgeon for a medical examination before starting training.

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Burning calories while running

  • Women: 682 calories
  • men: 914 calories

Jump rope

Jump rope
Very simple and sweaty – jump ropePhoto: Getty Images

We still know him about having fun since childhood turns out to be one of the biggest calorie killers of all time. All you need is a rope and a pair of healthy legs. Play some live music and it hops on its own. For several years, rope skipping has also been occupying fitness studios under the name “rope skipping” and is increasingly popular.

Unfortunately, jumping rope is not for beginner athletes. Anyone who (still) is overweight or has joint problems should approach this slowly (about two to three times a week for 5 minutes) and in any case consult a doctor beforehand. ‘Fitness machines’ that can jump rope for an hour at a time are rewarded with heavenly calorie burn numbers.

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Burning calories while jumping rope

  • Women: 682 calories
  • men: 914 calories


Another benefit of spinning: it is so attractive that there is no time to think Photo: Getty Images

There’s hardly any sport that makes you sweat more — and many say it’s happier than spinning. It is not uncommon for course teachers to turn their units into a real party by heating the participants with light effects, hot tunes and loud motivational slogans.

This can be so exciting that the “nuts” go into a heady flow. The cardiovascular system is properly optimized. The only drawback: Spinning is attached to a fitness studio unless you have a private gym basement.

Burning calories while squeezing

  • Women: 636 calories
  • men: 852 calories

Cycling (26 kilometers per hour)

Young, old, fit, beginner – a real multi-level cyclingPhoto: Getty Images

The advantages of cycling are obvious: It relieves joints, you’re in the great outdoors and it’s suitable for beginners and pros alike.

Even those who don’t exercise are usually more excited about cycling than jogging, for example. And the muscular legs and narrow bottom are almost empty on top of that. As with running, the following applies: start slowly and increase continuously, after all it takes a great deal of training to relax at 26 km/h for an hour at a time. On the other hand, when it comes to balancing calories and burning fat, you’re way ahead of the pack when you’ve been on your bike for an hour.

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Burning calories while cycling

  • Women: 578 calories
  • men: 774 calories


little girl water skiing
No matter whether it is small or large: when skiing, you should always pay attention to proper protectionPhoto: Getty Images

The kilograms drop well when snowboarding and you don’t have to complete a marathon to do that. 60 minutes burn around the meal, making it a powerful bacon-fighting partner. Whether it’s alone, with friends, or on popular ski nights – inline skating is (almost) always possible. So get your sleds out of the basement and let’s go!

Calories Burned When Skiing

  • Women: 566 calories
  • men: 759 calories

cross country skiing

Woman skiing across the country in the woods
Cross-country skiing is good for the body and mind! The only problem: cross-country skiing is regional and seasonal if you don’t rely on roller skatesPhoto: Getty Images

All muscle groups are used in cross-country skiing, which makes the sport a comprehensive game in training. The all-around movement promotes blood circulation and strengthens the heart. The even distribution of the load ensures that the individual muscle group – and the individual joint – does not get under too much tension. And it should not be neglected: during cross-country skiing (as in all endurance sports), the happy hormone serotonin is released. So cross-country skiing makes you slim and happy.

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Calorie consumption in cross-country skiing

  • Women: 520 calories
  • men: 697 calories

swimming (crawl*)

to swim
Swimming is not just a calorie killer but above all an aesthetic sport Photo: Getty Images

Front crawl is the fastest and most demanding swimming style, but anyone can learn it with a little practice. It is important to always pay attention to a clean technique while training. But some rigor and iron will continually improve your swimming style.

Professionals do it at a speed of five kilometers per hour. In both cases, muscles and endurance are trained without stressing the joints and back, while the excess body fat disappears on its own. But that’s not all: swimming not only strengthens the heart muscle and ensures good blood flow to the veins, it is also a special aesthetic sport, which can even be mastered to save lives in emergency situations.

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Burning calories while swimming

  • Women: 480 calories
  • men: 643 calories

The Butterfly Technique is of course more intense than the front crawl and will also burn significantly more calories per hour – alone it’s virtually impossible to do a butterfly swim for an hour at a time.

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Conclusion: Which individual sports have the highest calorie consumption?

If you look at the above values ​​for selected individual sports, it becomes clear that popular running is one of the most efficient in terms of calorie consumption. Jumping rope also burns a lot of calories.

The above sports compared to others:

Sports / Activity Women’s calorie consumption* Men’s calorie consumption *
Running (12.5 km/h) 682 914
Jump rope 682 914
Rotation 636 852
martial arts 595 798
Cycling (26 km/h) 578 774
Jogging (10 km/h) 566 759
cross country skiing 520 697
swimming (crawling) 480 643
beach volleyball 462 619
walking power 289 387

*Average values ​​for 60 minutes of training for a 30-year-old woman who is 1.65 m tall and weighs 60 kg and a 30-year-old man is 1.80 m tall and weighs 80 kg

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