Can hypnotherapy treat allergies? subjective experience

Can hypnotherapy treat allergies? subjective experience

To get rid of a pollen allergy, FITBOOK editor Nadia underwent hypnotherapy. At first, the unusual method seemed to be crowned with success. But there is a setback, which she now reports in the second part of her subjective experience.

Lawns are blooming, trees are sprouting – and I still don’t have hay fever. Until mid-May, I’m experiencing my first spring without medication – and it seems all thanks to the hypnotherapy session I reported on in the first part of my self-experience. For the first time, I can walk in parks, sit on the grass, and enjoy nature without being stoned with antihistamines. Birch pollen is flying in the air, but I don’t care – I’m cured, as I continue to tell myself and focus in conversations. But then the grass starts to bloom – and my nose starts tickling. Wasn’t hypnotherapy able to completely cure my sensitivity?

The second hypnosis session – but instead of being in a trance, I’m too far

Hypnotherapist Natalie warned me that one session alone might not be enough to treat my allergies. So we arrange a second date. Fortunately, so far I have only had mild symptoms, like a runny nose and a mild itchy throat. So that these also go away ASAP, I visit Natalie again at her practice about six weeks later. There’s hibiscus tea and I’m trying to let myself go again, listening to her voice and concentrating fully on the images forming in my head.

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But something different this time. The session is exhausting. Over and over I wander with my thoughts, or I have to focus so as not to fall asleep with my eyes closed. Back in my mind I visit places related to allergies. Again, in a trance, I go in search of its origin and try to come to terms with the things in the past that caused my hay fever.

I leave the practice of physical therapy tiring and exhausting, but I am confident that my sensitivity is finally gone. To say goodbye, Natalie gave me a tip to bring me a precious stone, which symbolizes protection against pollen, which I thought about in my imagination during hypnosis. In a store nearby I find beautiful rose quartz, which I carry with me from now on – not because I believe in the effects of gemstones, but as a reminder to myself that I’m finally out of desensitization.

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The garden becomes a hay fever hell

The next day I went for a walk in the park. It’s a holiday, the weather is great and the mood is rowdy. I walk near tall trees and green shrubs, enjoying the warm sunshine and the scent of flowers, even…hello! Suddenly one sneeze followed the other. My eyes started to itch, my throat was itchy, and my ears were numb. I sneeze and sneeze. And I can’t stop rubbing my burning eyes – just like I would in my grandmother’s garden. Except now nobody gives me a cold towel

Instead, I come home completely exhausted. My eyes are swollen, my nose is running, I feel like I have a cold. It is only my body that resists the harmless flower and grass pollen. I only want one thing: cetirizine!

After two tablets, I feel better and the next day I don’t see anything outside. But I do feel the side effects, I feel tired and exhausted. I reach out to Natalie and tell her about my relapse. We will make another appointment immediately.

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Another last try

I attended the third session with Natalie with a runny nose and sore throat. This time I can focus better again. I even get the impression that I’m going “deeper” than in the last two dates. So she gets a little emotional for a moment. During hypnosis, symptoms completely disappear. The nose is clear again, and the throat no longer feels rough and irritated. I have a feeling the knot has been ripped. On my way home, I’m really cheerful.

But unfortunately I was happy too soon: after only a few days my sensitivity returned. After an evening outdoors in which I’ve used up nearly an entire pack of tissues, I wake up the next morning with bouts of sneezing and itchy eyes. Unfortunately.

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Conclusion: Does hypnotherapy help my allergy?

Unfortunately, I did not get rid of my sensitivity through hypnotherapy. At least not a hypersensitive physical reaction to grass pollen. However, I can score some successes: I didn’t need any medication until the start of the turf season. Although I’ve had two severe bouts of hay fever in the meantime: Overall, my sensitivity seems to be getting weaker. I only take pills when needed. I almost dispense with the nasal spray and eye drops. I wanted to speak to a specialist about my experience and get a medical opinion. But the fact that no allergist apparently wants to comment on the topic of hypnotherapy speaks for itself.

Overall, hypnotherapy was a positive experience for me. For example, you learned to re-evaluate some negative memories from the past. So my conclusion is: if you are willing to participate, you can definitely try to get rid of allergies with the help of hypnotherapy. However, you should get detailed information beforehand, compare offers and prices, and find out in an initial conversation if you really feel comfortable and in good hands there.

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